AiQ SmartClothing invited to be a part of MSI, Chicago “Wired to Wear” Exhibit

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, is running a special Exhibition until May 2020, to showcase Smart Clothing and other wearables of the future.

Select companies, institutions and designers from 15 countries have been invited to specially feature their work to showcase the impact of technology on wearables beyond the smart watches which are the only mainstream wearables.

AiQ is proud to be representing the smart clothing industry alongside tech giants like Google, Intel and Microsoft and top universities such as MIT and Harvard and organizations such as NASA.

AiQ put together its next generation smart clothing platform solutions fusing semiconductors, conductive stretchable textile cables capable of handling both analog and digital signals to acquire bio-signals and human movement from athletic and athleisure wear that is expected to reshape sports coaching, rehabilitation and other verticals where the integrated data combined with machine learning algorithms will deliver compelling insights not available today.

The next time you visit Chicago, please take a moment to visit MSI and see the future of wearables as visualized by industry leaders.


Photo: Marielle Shaw.

The Top Wearable and IOT Startups Awarded at WTEU19 Munich

28 international wearable tech and IoT innovators were part of the thrilling finals of the 10th IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® on February 5th at the 33rd WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 in Munich. Selected out of more than 500 submissions from over 45 countries by the international expert jury, they are the top techpreneurs to watch out for in 2019.

With over 15 years of successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup® Series is the most established tech open innovation platform worldwide supported by the partners STMicroelectronics, Gore, EBV Elektronik, Würth Elektronik, Gemalto, AiQ Smart Clothing, VARTA Microbattery, Microtronics and Cicor.

And here are the lucky winners of the categories Industry, Healthcare, Sport & Fitness, Gaming & Lifestyle. Additionally, the winners of the Gore Innovation Center Prize, the EBV IOT HERO, the Gemalto Trusted Connectivity Award and AiQ Smart Clothing Special Prize were announced.


Top Innovator Industry

Viewpointsystem with their solution Digital Iris (Austria)

VPS 19 is the first wearable technology combining eye tracking with a XR-display element. Measuring and interpreting eye activity in real time and in real life, the glasses enable a new human-centered and bi-directional interaction between man & technology. Using the disruptive “Digital Iris” technology, VPS 19 is able to read intentions and actions from the eyes in real-time and to provide the right display information at the right time. In addition, the user can interact with the elements displayed simply using eye gestures instead of hands or voice.


Top Innovator Healthcare

Elvie with their Elvie Pump (United Kingdom)

Elvie Pump is the world’s first silent wearable breast pump. A complete departure from existing pump technology. The truly hands-free pump gives women the flexibility to go about their daily routine while pumping, without worrying about cords, wardrobe changes or the undignified sound of traditional electric breast pump.


Top Innovator Sport & Fitness

onTracks with their smart GuideWatches (France)

GuideWatches is the first multi-use connected navigation system putting humans back at the center of the experience. No more stopping to find your way: wear onTrack’s two GuideWatches – one on each wrist – their vibrations will guide you. onTracks makes it easier to get guidance on new routes, when you are running, biking or hiking.


Top Innovator Gaming & Lifestyle

Future Wave with their personal safety system Start MATE (India)

Star MATE is a personal safety system that consists of a wearable device and a mobile app discrete, easy to use and accessible. With Start MATE, users in danger can discreetly call for help with their real time location flashed to family and friends and local police, just by a single finger tap. Star MATE also crowdsources danger spots and creates a heat map to identify these spots worldwide.


GORE Innovation Center Prize

The game changer getting two weeks of access to the state-of-art Gore Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, access to advanced materials and advice from leading tech experts is:

Biobeat Technologies with Biobeat, the medical smart monitor (Israel)

Biobeat is the non-invasive medical device monitor that can detect and measure more than 20 vital signs. The information is transmitted real-time to the cloud, and can be displayed and shared with your physician, control centers and family members. All the data, including history graph, can be reviewed on the consumer app and on the multi patient management system. This solution helps to improve the medical treatment inside but also outside hospitals


EBV IoT Hero

The chance to work with EBV’s StartmeUp team and a cash-prize of 10.000€ goes to:

Arion with their smart insoles for running shoes (the Netherlands)

ARION provides a solution, bringing the coaching experience to the world of wearables through innovative ultra-thin smart insoles and an advanced AI coaching engine that make cutting edge exercise sciences accessible to all runners. ARION guides users to improve their running technique sustainably, helping to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance so they can stay active, and run longer, safer, and further.


Trusted Connectivity Award by Gemalto

Support and advice of the experts in the field of trusted connectivity are offered to:

Uniberry with their connected device for building access management Cido (Germany)

Cido offers flexible access management for apartment buildings without physical keys or transponders. Instead, barcodes are used, which are either already present (e.g. on parcels for shipment tracking) or can be generated on demand to integrate them into documents or ID cards. Deliverers scan the barcode of a parcel at the building’s main entry and Cido turns the shipment itself into a temporary key.


AiQ Smart Clothing Challenge

Support in transforming the prototype into mass production and aiming at high volumes goes to:

Kineto Tech Rehab with their motion tracking sensors innovating physical recovery Re.flex (Romania)

Re.flex enables innovation in healthcare, targeting patients, healthcare providers and insurers. The solution is used for physiotherapy covering the most common injuries & surgeries of the knee and hip. Re.flex reduces uncertainty and increases patient motivation to train, thus improving quality and quantity of training and monitoring.


Public Favourite

However, everyone’s voice counted, and another highlight of the award evening was the announcement of the winner of the public voting. The audience voted for:

Rajmall Inventives, and their innovative Xenxo S-Ring, the smart ring for safety (India)

The Xenxo S-Ring is the wearable offering you not only a SOS-call function, but a full range of functionalities. It takes calls directly and talk privately, stores your important files, changes music right off the finger, makes payments on the go, keeps track of the fitness goals, make quick calls to favourite contacts, reminds if you forget your phone, call for help without alerting the stranger (SOS), access doors with Bluetooth key, and more.

The wearable tech and IoT innovators 2019 will now be part of the glorious Innovation World Cup® Hall of Fame and will be supported throughout the year by the Innovation World Cup® and industry partners to make their innovation visible to the world.

Do you want to participate in the next edition, the 11th Innovation World Cup® Series? The registration is already open, and solutions can be submitted for free at


Press contact Elisa Gava

Behind the scenes – the Innovation World Cup® Series

The 10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® is part of Innovation World Cup® Series, the largest open innovation platform worldwide that supports breakthrough innovations to become reality.

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® was initiated by Navispace AG in 2003. Current partners include STMicroelectronics, Gore, EBV Elektronik, Gemalto, Würth Elektronik, Gemalto, AiQ Smart Clothing, VARTA Microbattery, Microtronics and Cicor Group. A panel of industry experts selects the most promising solutions based on criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability. Participation is free of charge.

Further partners include WT | Wearable Technologies, StartupCon, BIM World, Kickstarter, UnternehmerTUM, Medical Valley, Gate Garching, ACCIO, CSEM, G2 Startup, IFJ, ISPO Munich, Business OULU, Wolves Summit, Technoloport, Munich Startup, Censis, IoThings, SwissPropTech, French Tech Cote d’Azur, Team Cote d’Azur, High-Tech Gründerfonds, TechTour, Engerati, MIT Entreprise Forum Poland, Alp ICT, IOT Forum CE, Taitra, Things, Government of Canada, Innovative City, Polar Bear Pitching, Inn.Kubator, Deutsche Startups, Eyif, IoT Catalan Alliance and many more.

Meet the top 4 finalists of the AiQ Smart Clothing Prize at WTEU19 on Feb 5th

AiQ is proud partner of the Innovation World Cup® Series, the world-leading competition in the areas of IoT and wearable technologies. Together, we are glad to invite you to the official pitch and award ceremony of the AiQ Smart Clothing Special Prize of the 10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® happening on February 5th 2019 at the 33rd WT | Wearable Technologies Conference, THE meeting point for global professionals of the entire wearable ecosystem at ISPO Munich. Join us on February 5th in Munich, cheer for Anaxeos, HealthWatch, Re.flex and Myant and connect with them in the extensive exhibition area hall within the ISPO fairgrounds. Benefit from an exclusive 30% discount with the promo code IWCPartner_30. Get your ticket now not to miss out on the world‘s most profound and comprehensive wearable technologies and IoT event.

Who will be the Smart Clothing Genius this year?

The look out for innovative Wearable Technologies (WT) solutions has begun together with the Innovation World Cup® Series! In the past edition, out of the 940 contestants that took part in the competition, CardioID Technologies convinced us with their idea and won the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge!

This year the winner could be you! The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® is now welcoming techpreneurs to submit their solutions in the following categories: Home | City | Lifestyle | Industrial | Agriculture | Transport | Healthcare | Retail.

The AiQ Smart Clothing Challenge, our special prize in the competition, offers the contestants a chance to boost their development from a prototype to mass production with our support! Additionally, the contestants will also become part of the leading innovation ecosystem and have the chance to win prizes worth more than 500,000 USD, including a cash prize of 10,000 Euros and valuable business connections that help them to boost their solution’s development and go-to-market approach. Each participant has the opportunity to thrive their innovation further with free development kits!

Will you be the next Wearable Innovator of the Year?

Participation is free of charge. For more information and registration (open now) go to:

The Top 100 Women in Wearable

It is a moment of immense pride that our CMO, Nadia Kang, has been chosen to be among the top 100 Women of Wearable and Consumer tech, by Women of Wearable, a UK based organization, aimed at inspiring, promoting and connecting women in wearable tech, fashiontech, IoT and AR/VR. The hundred top women list features founders, industry leaders and senior executives from both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Nadia is one of the less than 10 women from Asia Pacific to feature in this list. As one of the founder employees of AiQ, she has inspires us every single day at our work, as we seek to extend the frontiers of the smart clothing industry. We take this opportunity to congratulate her on this special recognition.


To see more detail in :
Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech


The 7 Future Stars of the Wearables Industry are Announced!

Out of 940 submissions the most innovative companies were chosen and awarded at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich.

Munich, 30th of January – It was a blast! Coming from all over the world, 28 young companies and techpreneurs presented their extremely innovative and groundbreaking products on stage at the pitch and award ceremony of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® 2018. AI glasses assisting blind and visually impaired, an intelligent game ball improving your stress level, smart shoes saving the worker´s life, fashion headpieces capturing your brain data, and many more great solutions took the stage. The finalists of the leading open innovation competition for IoT and wearables solutions demonstrated impressively the innovation happening today in the industry.
But only seven WT Innovators of the Year 2018 made the race in the four categories ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Sports & Fitness’, ‘Healthcare’, and ‘Industrial’, as well as in the EBV IoT Hero Special Prize, the Geeny Connected Living Challenge and the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge.


The WT Innovator of the Year in Lifestyle is SimyLife Gamifaction with SimyBall (Austria):
With its mission “Play Stress Away” the SimyBall, a mobile game controller and biofeedback device in ball form, helps to better understand your body. The ball’s integrated sensors provide feedback on the personal stress level in a matter of seconds and the coaching app and corresponding gaming app enable to reduce the stress level.

The WT Innovator of the Year in Sports & Fitness is Tracktics with their TRACKTICS device (Germany):
The TRACKTICS is a football performance device allowing all football players to measure their athletic performance on the pitch, not only for professionals. TRACKTICS provides information concerning the most relevant athletic data of football players, e.g. on activity and distance, speed zone and spirits and on the tactical behavior of the player.

The WT Innovator of the Year in Healthcare is Ayata Intelligence with ViShruti™ (India):
ViShruti™ is a smart eyewear with assistive artificial intelligence capabilities for the blind & visually impaired. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the environment that can assist them to navigate independently, search & manipulate objects and provide facial recognition capabilities. 

The WT Innovator of the Year in the category Industrial is Intellinium with IO – 4.0 safety shoes (France):
IO is a unique smart and connected industry 4.0 safety shoe. The safety-as-a-service solution allows the worker to send and receive messages without using his hands and without the need to have a smartphone. Alerts can be sent as well as other types of messages thanks to an alphabet based on 2 characters and by using his toe foot.

The Winner of the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge is CardioID Technologies for CISM (Portugal):
CardioID developed a technology for the non-intrusive acquisition of the signals that enables pervasive health monitoring, emotional state assessment, drowsiness detection, and identity recognition.

The EBV Elektronik’s IOT HERO 2018 is Luke Roberts with their Smart Lamp (Austria):
Luke Roberts develops the world’s first smart design lamp that allows you to move the light in any direction without moving the lamp. With simple paint gestures on the phone you can have bright light on the couch for reading, dimmed light on the table for dinner and colored indirect light for relaxing. The lamp also learns from your behaviour and turns on the most likely light scene based on usage pattern, time of day and surrounding light.

The Winner of the Geeny Connected Living Challenge by Geeny is the Neurotech Fashion Project from Joanna Hir & MuArts (Poland):
Designer Joanna Hir and the brain-computer-interface company MuArts created accessories linking braintech with fashion design. Headpieces and earrings use EEG technology, capturing and providing the users with the information about brain data, allowing them to be conscious of their mental state in real time e.g. for reducing anxiety, depression or increasing focus or relaxation of the user.

Congratulations to all wearable winners IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® 2018! The winning teams are now part of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup®`s Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned to find out who on February 27th at The Mobile World Congress will become IoT Innovators of the Year 2018 of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® as well as winners of the LoRaWAN™ Challenge by LoRa Alliance™ and of the Security Award by Gemalto. More info:

News via WT – Innovation World Cup Series :

防長輩跌倒或其他意外發生 怡德長照中心引進「長照智慧衣」






近期AiQ也受到多位媒體朋友的採訪,希望藉由這些報導,能讓大家更加了解Smart Clothing的概念與益處。



AiQ BioMan100系列 2017新款上市!

好消息! AiQ 2017新款BioMan 100系列產品在虹映嚴選上架囉!!

AiQ今年針對女性及車友設計了Sport Bra及車衣的款式。



Bureau Veritas to Launch Smart Wear Testing Solution at MWC Barcelona

AiQ與 Bureau Veritas 共同合作9個月,最終於MWC 2017中推出了一套Smart Wear Testing Solution!

這是全球第一份關於Smart Clothing的認證測試報告。

BV News: pr-bv_smart_wear_testing_mwc-20170216