AiQ SmartClothing invited to be a part of MSI, Chicago “Wired to Wear” Exhibit

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, is running a special Exhibition until May 2020, to showcase Smart Clothing and other wearables of the future.

Select companies, institutions and designers from 15 countries have been invited to specially feature their work to showcase the impact of technology on wearables beyond the smart watches which are the only mainstream wearables.

AiQ is proud to be representing the smart clothing industry alongside tech giants like Google, Intel and Microsoft and top universities such as MIT and Harvard and organizations such as NASA.

AiQ put together its next generation smart clothing platform solutions fusing semiconductors, conductive stretchable textile cables capable of handling both analog and digital signals to acquire bio-signals and human movement from athletic and athleisure wear that is expected to reshape sports coaching, rehabilitation and other verticals where the integrated data combined with machine learning algorithms will deliver compelling insights not available today.

The next time you visit Chicago, please take a moment to visit MSI and see the future of wearables as visualized by industry leaders.


Photo: Marielle Shaw.