The 7 Future Stars of the Wearables Industry are Announced!

Out of 940 submissions the most innovative companies were chosen and awarded at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich.

Munich, 30th of January – It was a blast! Coming from all over the world, 28 young companies and techpreneurs presented their extremely innovative and groundbreaking products on stage at the pitch and award ceremony of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® 2018. AI glasses assisting blind and visually impaired, an intelligent game ball improving your stress level, smart shoes saving the worker´s life, fashion headpieces capturing your brain data, and many more great solutions took the stage. The finalists of the leading open innovation competition for IoT and wearables solutions demonstrated impressively the innovation happening today in the industry.
But only seven WT Innovators of the Year 2018 made the race in the four categories ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Sports & Fitness’, ‘Healthcare’, and ‘Industrial’, as well as in the EBV IoT Hero Special Prize, the Geeny Connected Living Challenge and the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge.


The WT Innovator of the Year in Lifestyle is SimyLife Gamifaction with SimyBall (Austria):
With its mission “Play Stress Away” the SimyBall, a mobile game controller and biofeedback device in ball form, helps to better understand your body. The ball’s integrated sensors provide feedback on the personal stress level in a matter of seconds and the coaching app and corresponding gaming app enable to reduce the stress level.

The WT Innovator of the Year in Sports & Fitness is Tracktics with their TRACKTICS device (Germany):
The TRACKTICS is a football performance device allowing all football players to measure their athletic performance on the pitch, not only for professionals. TRACKTICS provides information concerning the most relevant athletic data of football players, e.g. on activity and distance, speed zone and spirits and on the tactical behavior of the player.

The WT Innovator of the Year in Healthcare is Ayata Intelligence with ViShruti™ (India):
ViShruti™ is a smart eyewear with assistive artificial intelligence capabilities for the blind & visually impaired. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the environment that can assist them to navigate independently, search & manipulate objects and provide facial recognition capabilities. 

The WT Innovator of the Year in the category Industrial is Intellinium with IO – 4.0 safety shoes (France):
IO is a unique smart and connected industry 4.0 safety shoe. The safety-as-a-service solution allows the worker to send and receive messages without using his hands and without the need to have a smartphone. Alerts can be sent as well as other types of messages thanks to an alphabet based on 2 characters and by using his toe foot.

The Winner of the AIQ Smart Clothing Challenge is CardioID Technologies for CISM (Portugal):
CardioID developed a technology for the non-intrusive acquisition of the signals that enables pervasive health monitoring, emotional state assessment, drowsiness detection, and identity recognition.

The EBV Elektronik’s IOT HERO 2018 is Luke Roberts with their Smart Lamp (Austria):
Luke Roberts develops the world’s first smart design lamp that allows you to move the light in any direction without moving the lamp. With simple paint gestures on the phone you can have bright light on the couch for reading, dimmed light on the table for dinner and colored indirect light for relaxing. The lamp also learns from your behaviour and turns on the most likely light scene based on usage pattern, time of day and surrounding light.

The Winner of the Geeny Connected Living Challenge by Geeny is the Neurotech Fashion Project from Joanna Hir & MuArts (Poland):
Designer Joanna Hir and the brain-computer-interface company MuArts created accessories linking braintech with fashion design. Headpieces and earrings use EEG technology, capturing and providing the users with the information about brain data, allowing them to be conscious of their mental state in real time e.g. for reducing anxiety, depression or increasing focus or relaxation of the user.

Congratulations to all wearable winners IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® 2018! The winning teams are now part of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup®`s Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned to find out who on February 27th at The Mobile World Congress will become IoT Innovators of the Year 2018 of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® as well as winners of the LoRaWAN™ Challenge by LoRa Alliance™ and of the Security Award by Gemalto. More info:

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