Design & Consulting Services


Based on its extensive experience in design and development of Smart Clothing solutions for a wide variety of applications that have resulted in one of the largest IP portfolios in Smart Clothing industry with over 200 patents issued and pending, AiQ offers its expertise to carefully selected customers with path breaking ideas seeking to leverage Smart Clothing as a wearable for solving key problems or enriching experiences in everyday life.

Intersection of Multiple Industries

AiQ believes that many innovative textile based wearable ideas fail to become solutions in the market place since Smart Clothing industry is still in its infancy & lies at the intersection of at least 6 disparate industries – Textile form factor design and scale manufacturing, wearable sensor electronics design & manufacturing, Conductive fiber and wired interconnect, Software algorithms that can fuse sensor data, Application software that presents the data as insights to a user and Backend Secure Cloud infrastructure with machine learning capabilities which can crunch vast quantities of accumulated data to find patterns, making it even more meaningful to the users and service providers.

AiQ does not offer ODM services for just manufacturing but full life cycle partnerships with companies with the right level of software/hardware assets that can be best delivered in Smart Clothing form factors.

Specific Areas of Interest

Areas such as Remote health monitoring, Elderly care, Monitoring & Support for people with special needs, Physiotherapy & rehabilitation, Sleep quality monitoring, Industrial and lone worker safety & health monitoring, Evidence based training & Quantified Self for health & fitness, Corporate health & productivity management are of specific interest to AiQ.