Bioman+ is a base upper body garment solution for a wide range of smart clothing solutions.

It consists of conductive fiber based textile electrodes for the acquisition of the electric activity of human body as well as conductive thread to carry the electric signals to the processing & transmission module that is snapped onto the garment.

Bioman+ has been validated with most of the industry leading heart rate & ECG module vendors and continues to be the first choice Smart Clothing partner for new module vendors entering this rapidly growing segment.


Bioman+ is available in several different variants – vests, T-shirts and sport bras, 5 different types of electrode structures suitable for different user scenarios, 3 fabric variants with different levels of compression and can be designed in many different colors and styles depending on the application requirement.

Vest – Female

Vest – Male


Sport bra

Bioman+ has been used in a wide variety of applications – as a Heart Rate Monitoring shirt for Gym goers & Fitness Enthusiasts, Heart Rate Monitoring compression vest for endurance sports such as marathons and cycling, 1-3 lead ECG monitoring vests in Elderly Care, Remote health monitoring, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Fitness among others.

Case 1 – Marathon

2017/2/26 Ten Drum Marathon

Case 2 – Elderly Care

2017/12/7  Min Sheng Health Care


Bioman+ undergoes stringent washability tests to make them machine washable as well as extensive signal acquisition and signal transport tests including Impedance, Resistance, SNR, Robustness besides testing for comfort during extended hour usage and intense physical exercise.

Since no industry standard test equipment exists today for Smart Clothing, AiQ has had to conceptualize test scenarios, design the hardware and actually build the equipment internally, giving us an edge over competition in terms of the quantum of accumulated knowledge.