AiQ Motion


In the ultimate quantified self paradigm, smart clothing, functioning as a second skin is capable of not only detecting the physiological data, environmental data such as ambient temperature, location data and data around human motion.

The capability to digitize human motion is significant in a wide range of application scenarios – Sports Coaching, Physiotherapy & Recovery Management, Fall management among Elders, Gesture Control of other wireless enabled devices such as Laptops and Gaming systems. A full body motion suit can also add highly compelling immersive VR experiences as compared to what the current hand held controller+HMD based solutions can offer.


AiQ motion solution offers 4 motion sensors and 8 motion sensors (9 axis Galvanic Sensors – IMU) along with a sensor hub to fuse the IMU data and a compute, communications & storage hub for preliminary processing, local storage and wirelessly transmitting the raw data to a host terminal.


AiQ is currently engaged with early customers developing applications in sports coaching, motion learning based on the theory of mirror neurons and physiotherapy where the availability of digitized motion data can dramatically transform both coaching/teaching and learning by providing a crucial feedback loop.

The current alternatives involve using either naked human eye which has inherent limitations or very expensive camera based systems that are not portable.

Solution Elements

AiQ’s motion solution comprises of a base layer garment, embedded IMU, and the sensor hub & a detachable CCS module (Compute, Communications and Storage). The solution is powered by a rechargeable Lithium ion battery. Once the CCS module is detached, the rest of the motion garment is machine washable like all regular garments.